Computational Biology

Projects on Computational Biology

Statistical methods for detecting structured regulatory motifs in DNA sequences.
(with Sandrine Dudoit, Sunduz Keles, Michael Eisen [Lawrence Berkeley National Lab], Biao Xing)

Statistical methods for constructing transcriptional regulatory networks.
(with Biao Xing)

Statistical Inference with marginal gene-expression data
(with Jennifer Bryan, Katie Pollard, Chiron scientists, Annette Molinaro)

Statistical analysis of (breast) cancer data bases with gene expression data
(with Annette Molinaro, Katie Pollard, Alan Hubbard, Jennifer Bryan)

Analysis of databases containing gene expression data on an organism, the complete genome of the organisms, and biological knowledge on each of the genes
(with Michael Eisen, Sunduz Keles, Peter Bickel and students)

Monte Carlo Cross validation in action
(with Maja Pavlic)